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Advantages of PhotoCube

Why PhotoCube foto box (lighttent)?
Working with the PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) light tent and associated lighting will result in good, attractive and appealing product photos. Using PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) is not difficult and your pictures will look like they were taken by a professional. You can get started straight away because hardly any explanation required. Not even any training. One of our workshops will however provide you with some useful information for achieving even better results. We can teach you some handy tips and tricks.

Not difficult
If you can operate a camera and know the basic concepts of photography, you're already well on your way. And even if you have no experience of photography at all, this isn’t a problem.

Our website is packed full of information and instructive films to help you master the art of taking photos with the light tent. You will soon see that "practice makes perfect".

Saving time and money
The PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) light tent saves you time as well as money. You no longer need expensive post-processing software, so "Photoshopping" becomes a thing of the past. You can also become independent very quickly. The light produced around the product by PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) is always the same, wherever you are, which gives you freedom straight away. And it saves you time. You’ll need some shading for more depth in the photo.

The PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) is also very reasonably priced, and will prove its worth in a very short space of time, particularly if you use the Product Photography Kit to get started. This is already very comprehensive, so you can get to work straight away.

Product specifications:
The PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) is available in the following sizes:

  • 50x50x50cm,
  • 75x75x75cm,
  • 110x110x110cm
  • 150x150x150cm.

There is also the BigBox (230x160x160cm), which is particularly suitable for models, mannequins, grandfather clocks, large plants, etc.

Our PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) is made from high-quality flocking material. The exterior surface is nylon and the inside is velvet.

The Velcro fastening means the front of the PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) light tent can be completely removed. With the front attached on the PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) 75 and larger models, you can use the zip to create an opening for the camera lens. You will see that this last option eliminates any unwanted shadows or reflections.

The translucent, durable, neutrally-coloured fabric completely surrounds your product with beautiful soft light. The PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) light tent diffuses the light evenly from all sides, including the top and bottom.

Sufficient, good-quality lighting plays an essential role here.

The backgrounds supplied with each PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) can be attached using the Velcro fastening. They are long enough to cover both the rear and the bottom at the same time. This results in a seamless background.

You can hang products up using the two loops in the PhotoCube foto box (lighttent), and photograph them standing up or even suspended.

You can also use white, PVC backdrop for a smooth, maintenance-free solution. These are available separately and prevent creasing. You can quickly remove any marks using a damp cloth.

The PhotoCube foto box (lighttent) light tent can be folded up after use and stored away in its carrying bag to save space and prevent it from becoming dusty and dirty.

Below are some photos that demonstrate the different effects, with and without the PhotoCube foto box (lighttent).


Tipps & Tricks